Bold Statement

Bold & Classy design with me experimenting with colors other than Black & White. Because of the lower resolution of this eInk watch, the shades of grey don't always turn out good. But here it is for you to decide! 

Here is the link (Added 02.13.22)

Keeping it Simple

No frills watchface

Here is the link (Added 02.13.22)

Optical Illusion-2: Impossible Triangle

2nd design in the optical illusion theme

Here is the link (Added 11.01.21)

Halloween Goofy WF

Adding some goofiness to the lot with this Spiderweb watch face

Here is the link (Added 10.26.21)

Optical Illusion-1

Want to start a series around Optical Illusion themed watch faces. This is my first attempt.

Here is the link (Added 10.18.21)

Gaming Casual

Adding Casual elements to this classic watch. 

Here is the watch face for download (Added 8.14.21)

Numbers Numbers

Click on the picture to access the watchface link (Added 7.27.21)

Racing Fraternity #2

Another design inspired by racing elements 

Back to Basics

Basic but stylish 

To get the WatchFace, just download the picture and adjust the complications per your liking. (Added on 5/30/21)

Geometric Square

Here is the download link (Added 3.19.21)

Racing Fraternity

A new design inspired by Racing fraternity.

Here is the download link (Added 3.7.21)

Cassette Fossil Hybrid

Simple design with a cassette with Fossil Hybrid- Long Live Vintage inscribed over. 

Here is the download link (Added 3.6.21)

6 Complications

Joining the bandwagon of 6 complications. I was going for more of a bee hive design initially, but couldn’t bring that element in. Still has some resemblances. 

Here is the download link (Added 2.21.21)

Valentine’s Day LOVE

Valentine’s Day Love showed up little early this year on my watch (about 14 days in advance ;) 

Here is the download link (Added 1.30.21)

Another AVICII 

Cant get him out of my mind.... neither should I.... 

Here is the download link (Added 1.24.21)


Pure genius he was-AVICII. Wish we had a chance to see him little longer. Burned bright and died young :( 

Disclaimer: I do not own any Rights for the picture or the brand AVICII. Sharing here (for free) what is available on various public online platforms. 

Here is the download link. (Added 1.23.21)

Fossil Hybrid- No Complications

An abstract design where I pretty much filled the whole screen. In the past I avoided uploading designs without complications, but I pulled the trigger this time. 

Here is the download link (Added 1.20.21) 

Vinyl Design

A simple FOSSIL Vinyl playing on your watch ;) 

Here is the download link (Added 1.16.21)

Sporty + Classic Look WF

This time, I tried to combine sporty and elegant looks (not sure if I succeeded). Also, it was difficult to make sure that it does not look too too busy with creating space for 4 complications.

Here is the download link. (Added 1.7.21)

Big Gear- 4 Complications

This design shows a giant gear with 4 big spokes to take care of 4 complications. I have not designed very many designs that contain 4 complications; this is one of those few. Hope you like it. 

Here is the download link (Added 1/5/21)

6, 9, 12, Fossil

Experimented with Squares for this one. Before this I have mainly played with circles and lines, but here is another abstract design with squares. To smoothen up the squared corners, I added a circle and then brought in hour numbers to connect the design to a time machine (not the type you are thinking :D). Also the font used here is a mix of square and angular elements.
Hope you like it. 

Here is the download link (Added 1/5/2021)

Guitar-Music Life

Finally after trying too many (literally 14) variations, I settled for this guitar themed design. Being a musician myself, its always pleasure to be able to showcase and “wear” your passion. Music Life... here is one for you!

Here is the download link (Added 12/31/20)

LOVE, Typography

Never a bad time to return to the strongest emotion out there for inspiration-LOVE. Also, I recently started learning about typography and am finding it super fun to play with it on my Fossil Watch. This design is an outcome of that. Hope you like it! 

Here is the download link (Added 12/28/20)

Long Live Vintage

Some abstract design for Fossil and its tagline-Long Live Vintage

Here is the download link (Added 12/27/20)

Round Written Fossil

Always a fan of Adidas/ Reebok written in circular fashion; trying to bring that to Fossil Hybrid. Even though in its current shape and form, the written Fossil is no more the focus of design, I still like it.

I would soon be adding a rating system for my designs to get feedback directly from you. As always thanks for checking my work! 

Here is the download link (Added 12/23/20)

Triangles Watch Face

I was going for some abstract pattern of triangles and this one looked cool. To create space and pattern for complications was little... complicated (no pun intended) and took lot of trial and error. Also notable here are the triangle looking things in the font for 12 and 6 hours. 

Here is the download link (Added 12/22/20)

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Comic Strip Watch Face

Always wanted to do something relating to Comic book strips. Here is my first attempt. I am sure there is more that can be done; ideas welcomed! Direct link below. Thanks!

Here is the download link (Added 12/21/20)